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HRG GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 08/09/2013
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agreements and the importance of the technology and profit levels, among other considerations. The royalty rate used in the determination of the fair value of the technology asset was 10.5% of expected net sales related to the technology. Spectrum Brands anticipates using the technology through the legal life of the underlying patent and therefore the expected life of the technology was equal to the remaining legal life of the underlying patent which was 13 years. In estimating the fair value of the technology, net sales were estimated to grow at a long-term rate of 3.0% annually. Income taxes were estimated at 35.0% and amounts were discounted using the rate of 11.0%. The technology asset was valued at approximately $32.8 under this approach.
Spectrum Brands valued the non-controlling interest in Shaser, a private company, by applying both income and market approaches. Under these methods, the non-controlling value was determined by using a discounted cash flow method, a guideline companies method, and a recent transaction approach. In estimating the fair value of the non-controlling interest, key assumptions include (i) cash flow projections based on market participant data and estimates by Spectrum Brands management, with net sales estimated to grow at a terminal growth rate of 3.0% annually, income taxes estimated at 35.0%, and amounts discounted using a rate of 12.0%, (ii) financial multiples of companies deemed to be similar to Shaser, and (iii) adjustments because of lack of control or lack of marketability that market participants would consider when estimating the fair value of the non-controlling interest in Shaser. The non-controlling interest was valued at $39.0 under this approach.
Spectrum Brands, in connection with valuing the non-controlling interest in Shaser, also valued the Call Option. In addition to the valuation methods and key assumptions discussed above, Spectrum Brands compared the forecasted revenue and EBITDA multiples, as defined, associated with the Call Option to current guideline companies. The Call Option was determined to have an immaterial value under this approach.

The EXCO/HGI JV was formed on February 14, 2013 through transactions between subsidiaries of EXCO and HGI, resulting in the formation of the General Partner and the Partnership. Under the terms of the respective agreements, the EXCO/HGI JV acquired certain oil and natural gas assets from EXCO for $725.0 of total consideration, subject to certain customary closing adjustments of $30.5, or a net purchase price of $694.5. Immediately after the closing and the consummation of the transactions, the ownership in the Partnership was 73.5% by HGI and 24.5% by EXCO and 2% by the General Partner. In addition, HGI and EXCO each own a 50% member interest in the General Partner and each have equal representation on the General Partner's board of directors. The ownership of the Partnership and General Partnership translates into an economic ownership of the EXCO/HGI JV of 74.5%. At the closing, HGI contributed approximately $349.8 in cash (reflecting the effect of closing adjustments and the economic benefits related to the July 1, 2012 effective date) to the EXCO/HGI JV and EXCO contributed $694.5 of net assets in exchange for cash of $574.8, and retained an interest in the joint venture of $119.1. The payment to EXCO was funded through a combination of cash from HGI's contribution, and borrowings under the EXCO/HGI JV Credit Agreement.
On March 5, 2013, the EXCO/HGI JV acquired certain of the shallow Cotton Valley assets from an affiliate of BG Group for $130.9, after customary preliminary purchase price adjustments. This acquisition includes oil and natural gas assets in the Danville, Waskom and Holly fields in East Texas and North Louisiana. The assets acquired by the EXCO/HGI JV represented an incremental working interest in certain properties previously owned by the EXCO/HGI JV. The acquisition was funded with borrowings from the EXCO/HGI JV Credit Agreement.


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