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SEC Filings

HRG GROUP, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 11/21/1995
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          On November 17, 1995, Zapata Corporation ("Zapata" or the "Company")
received a letter dated November 16,  1995 from Peter M. Holt (the "Resignation
Letter") containing Mr. Holt's resignation from the Board of Directors of Zapata
and from all of his management and board positions with affiliates of the
Company.  The Resignation Letter stated that Mr. Holt was resigning because of a
disagreement with Zapata on matters relating to Zapata's operations, policies
and practices.  Mr. Holt requested that his resignation, his disagreement with
Zapata and the Resignation Letter be disclosed in a Current Report on Form 8-K
to be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC") and the New
York Stock Exchange.  A copy of the Resignation Letter is attached to this Form
8-K as Exhibit 17.

          The Resignation Letter describes Mr. Holt's disagreement with Zapata
as a disagreement regarding (i) the characterization of certain matters in the
Company's proxy statement prepared in connection with a special meeting of the
Company's stockholders to be held on December 15, 1995 (the "Proxy  Statement")
for the purpose of considering and voting upon the approval of the proposed sale
of the Company's natural gas compression business conducted by two of the
Company's wholly owned subsidiaries, Energy Industries, Inc. and Zapata Energy
Industries, L.P. (collectively, "Energy Industries") and (ii) the Company's
implementation of a new strategic plan involving repositioning the Company in
the food packaging, food and food service equipment and supply (collectively,
"food services") business and exiting the energy business.

          With regard to the Proxy Statement, the Resignation Letter asserts
that there are certain statements contained in the Proxy Statement that need to
be corrected in order for the disclosures therein to not be misleading.
Specifically, the Resignation Letter asserts that (i) Zapata's new strategic
plan to enter the food services business was not adopted by the Company's Board
of Directors until September 20, 1995, at the earliest, and yet the Proxy
Statement states that the strategy has been in development since late 1994 and
early 1995; (ii) Zapata has already identified its acquisition candidates for
expansion into the food services industry to be funded with the proceeds from
the sale of Energy Industries and that the failure to so state in the proxy
materials is misleading; and (iii) Zapata has failed to advise its stockholders
of what is meant by the words "new strategy" and "acquisitions in the food
service industry" in that, to the knowledge of Mr. Holt, the only acquisitions
that have been seriously considered by Zapata in furtherance of its new
strategy, utilizing the proceeds to be received by Zapata in the Energy
Industries transaction, are acquisitions from Malcolm I. Glazer, the Chairman of
the Board of Zapata, and his affiliates.  With respect to the last assertion,
the Resignation Letter refers to the formation of a special committee of certain
disinterested members of the Company's Board of Directors (the "Special
Committee") on September 20, 1995 for the purpose of considering the possible
investments in Houlihan's Restaurant Group, Inc. ("Houlihan's") and Specialty
Equipment Companies, Inc. ("Speciality").  Malcolm Glazer or his affiliates
beneficially own substantial interests in those companies.

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