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SEC Filings

HRG GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-Q/A on 11/13/1995
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  In August 1995, Zapata completed the sale of its remaining U.S. offshore oil
and gas properties. The Company received cash, a production payment entitling
Zapata to a share of future revenues derived from the properties and other
contract consideration. No gain or loss was recognized from the sale.
  In August 1995, Zapata announced that it had acquired 31% of the outstanding
common stock of Envirodyne Industries, Inc. ("Envirodyne") for $18.8 million
from Malcolm Glazer, Chairman of the Board of Zapata and a director of
Envirodyne. Zapata paid the purchase price by issuing to the seller a
subordinated promissory note bearing interest at prime and maturing in August
1997. Envirodyne is one of the world's major suppliers of food packaging
products and food service supplies. This acquisition is the first major step
in the transformation of Zapata away from the energy business and into food-
related businesses. Zapata is evaluating acquiring additional shares or
proposing a merger with, or acquisition of, Envirodyne in the future.

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