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SEC Filings

HRG GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-K/A on 01/30/1995
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(3)  In connection with the merger of Zapata Gulf with a subsidiary of
     Tidewater, Inc. in January 1992, Mr. Lassiter received this payment under
     the Equity Incentive Plan established by Zapata Gulf in 1989. There are no
     further amounts payable under this plan.

(4)  The amounts indicated represent the Company's contributions to the profit-
     sharing plan.

(5)  Mr. Jackson became an executive officer of the Company in November 1992.

(6)  Mr. Migura resigned as an executive officer of the Company effective as of
     October 28, 1994.

(7)  Mr. Siem was Chief Executive Officer during July and August 1994 and Chief
     Operating Officer from August 1994 until December 1994.  The amount shown
     in the "Salary" column for Mr. Siem includes director and board committee
     fees and amounts paid under a consulting agreement with the Company
     providing for his services as Chief Operating Officer.


                                           NUMBER OF SECURITIES             VALUE OF UNEXERCISED
                                          UNDERLYING UNEXERCISED            IN-THE-MONEY OPTIONS
                                        OPTIONS AT FISCAL YEAR-END      OPTIONS AT FISCAL YEAR-END ($)
                                        ----------------------------    ------------------------------
                                         Exercisable    Unexercisable    Exercisable     Unnexercisable
                                        -----------    -------------    -----------     --------------
<S>                                     <C>            <C>              <C>             <C>
Malcolm I. Glazer...........                6,666          13,334               0              0
Ronald C. Lassiter..........              244,000               0         335,000              0
Robert W. Jackson...........                    0               0               0              0
Marvin J. Migura............              140,000               0         192,500              0
Joseph B. Mokry.............                    0               0               0              0
Kristian Siem...............                6,666          13,334               0              0

          The options included in the foregoing table were granted in 1990 under
Zapata's 1990 Stock Option Plan, except in the case of Messrs. Glazer and Siem,
whose options were granted in 1993 under the Company's Amended and Restated
Special Incentive Plan with respect to their service as non-employee directors.
The options were granted at market value on the date of grant and are
exercisable in cumulative one-third installments commencing one year from the
date of grant, with full vesting occurring on the third anniversary of the grant
date.  On September 30, 1994, the closing price of Common Stock on the NYSE was
$4.50 per share, after giving effect to the one-for-five reverse stock split.
No options were granted to, or exercised by, the Named Officers during the year
ended September 30, 1994.


          Effective January 15, 1995, the Company amended its Pension Plan to
provide that highly-compensated employees (those having covered annual
compensation in excess of $66,000) will not earn additional benefits under the
plan after that date.  In addition, the Company terminated its Supplemental
Pension Plan except with respect to benefits already accrued.  Messrs. Glazer,
Siem, Jackson and Mokry are not participants in the Pension Plan or the
Supplemental Pension Plan.  Mr. Lassiter retired for purposes of the Pension
Plan effective August 1, 1994 and receives annual benefits of $87,860 under the
Pension Plan


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