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SEC Filings

SC 13D/A
GLAZER MALCOLM I filed this Form SC 13D/A on 09/18/2006
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security agreements with the NMFS pursuant to which the NMFS has made loans to the Purchaser and (c) notice within 30 days after the Closing Date or the Call Option Closing Date of any changes in information with respect to the Purchaser’s officers, directors and stockholders, including 5% or more stockholders, to the Citizenship Approval Officer of the Maritime Administration of the United States Department of Transportation pursuant to 46 C.F.R. 356.5(g).
SECTION 6.4 Compliance with Applicable Law: No Conflicts.
     SECTION 6.4 Compliance with Applicable Law: No Conflicts. The execution, delivery and performance by the Purchaser of this Agreement and the other Transaction Documents to which it is or will be a party and the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby and thereby (a) will not violate any Applicable Law, or any order or decree of any court or governmental instrumentality applicable to the Purchaser, any of the Purchaser’s Subsidiaries or any of their property, (b) will not conflict with or result in the breach or termination of, constitute a default under or accelerate any performance required by, any indenture, mortgage, deed of trust, lease, agreement or other instrument to which the Purchaser or any of its Subsidiaries is a party (including any change of control payments or other rights pursuant to any employment, change of control, severance or other employee agreement (excluding those with the Purchaser Executive Officers, all which have been waived) or stock option, restricted stock, stock appreciation or other equity award or equity like award issued to any employee of the Purchaser or any of its subsidiaries) or by which the Purchaser, any of its Subsidiaries or any of their property is bound and (c) will not result in a breach or violation of the charter or bylaws, or other formation documents, of the Purchaser or its Subsidiaries, other than, in the case of clause (b), any contract, agreement or item listed on Schedule A attached hereto or, upon the exercise of the Call Option, the vesting of an immaterial amount of stock options issued pursuant to the Company’s 2000 Long-Term Incentive Plan.
SECTION 6.5 Litigation.
     SECTION 6.5 Litigation. As of the date hereof, there are no pending actions, suits or proceedings against or involving the Purchaser or any of its property, or involving any of its Subsidiaries or any of their respective properties, that would materially and adversely affect the ability of the Purchaser to perform its obligations under this Agreement or any of the other Transaction Documents to which it is or will be a party, or that are otherwise material in the context of the purchase and sale of the Shares or the Call Option Shares or the other transactions contemplated hereby or the other Transaction Documents; and, to the Purchaser’s knowledge, no such actions, suits or proceedings are threatened or contemplated.
SECTION 6.6 Solvency and Surplus.
     SECTION 6.6 Solvency and Surplus. Immediately before and after the Closing and upon giving effect to the Transaction, (i) the Purchaser will be able to pay its debts as they become due in the usual course of business, (ii) the Purchaser’s total assets will be greater than or equal to the sum of its total liabilities plus the amount that would be needed, if the Purchaser were to be dissolved immediately after the Closing and giving effect to the Transaction and the Financing, to satisfy the preferential rights upon dissolution of stockholders whose preferential rights are superior to the Seller, (iii) the fair value of the Purchaser’s assets would exceed its stated liabilities and identified and valued contingent liabilities; and (iv) the capital remaining in the Purchaser after the Transaction would not be unreasonably small for the business in which the Purchaser is engaged, as is now conducted and is proposed to be conducted following the consummation of the Transaction.


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