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SEC Filings

SC 13D/A
GLAZER MALCOLM I filed this Form SC 13D/A on 09/18/2006
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price of $47,500,000 (the “Purchase Price”) payable in cash at the Closing against the delivery of the share certificates for the Shares, duly endorsed for transfer, free and clear of all liens, pledges, adverse claims, restrictions on transfer or voting, hypothecations, mortgages, security interests, charges, options, right of first refusal or any other encumbrances (“Encumbrances”) other than those arising from applicable federal and state securities laws.
     (b) The Purchaser hereby waives any and all notice requirements that otherwise apply to the transfer, sale or assignment of the Subject Shares under the Separation Agreement or otherwise.
     (c) At the Closing, the Purchaser shall give directions to its transfer agent to retire all of the Shares upon the purchase thereof and to cancel all certificates representing the Shares.
     (d) At the Closing, the Parties shall execute and deliver to each other the Amended and Restated Registration Rights Agreement.
SECTION 2.2 Adjustments Upon Changes in Capitalization.
     SECTION 2.2 Adjustments Upon Changes in Capitalization. In the event of any reorganization, recapitalization, split, merger, stock split, stock dividend, combination or exchange of shares, or issuance of other securities in exchange for Common Stock that results in a change in the number and the kind of shares of Common Stock or securities convertible into Common Stock, the terms “Shares” and “Call Option Shares” shall be deemed to refer to and include the Shares and Call Option Shares, respectively, as well as all such dividends and distributions thereon, and the Seller shall deliver the Shares and all such dividends and distributions to the Purchaser at the Closing and the Call Option Shares and all such dividends and distributions to the Purchaser at the Call Option Closing if the Call Option is exercised, and the amount to be paid per share by the Purchaser for the Shares and the Call Option Shares, respectively, shall be adjusted so that the total amount to be paid by the Purchaser hereunder as the Purchase Price or the Call Option Purchase Price remains unchanged.
SECTION 3.1 Escrow of the Shares and the Purchase Price.
     SECTION 3.1 Escrow of the Shares and the Purchase Price. Concurrent with the execution and delivery of this Agreement, the Seller, the Purchaser and Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company (the “Escrow Agent”) have entered into an escrow agreement (the “Escrow Agreement”). Within 45 days following the date hereof (or such later date or time as the Parties may agree in writing) (the “Escrow Date”), (i) the Purchaser shall deposit the Purchase Price by wire transfer of immediately available funds with the Escrow Agent and, (ii) upon written notice of such deposit by the Purchaser from the Escrow Agent to the Seller, the Seller shall promptly thereafter deposit the original stock certificates representing the Shares with the Escrow Agent, together with such instruments of assignment, conveyance and transfer as Purchaser may deem necessary or desirable, duly executed by the Seller, in each case to be held in accordance with and, pending the Closing or the termination of, this Agreement or the Escrow Agreement in accordance with their respective terms. The Purchase Price shall earn interest on a daily basis at the rate offered by the Escrow Agent during the period such amount is on deposit with the Escrow Agent (such amount of interest, the “Accrued Interest”), and the


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