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HRG GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 05/09/2016
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(Dollars in millions, except per share and unit measures or as otherwise specified)

(1) Description of Business
HRG Group, Inc. (“HRG” and collectively with its respective subsidiaries, the “Company”) is a diversified holding company focused on owning businesses that the Company believes can, in the long term, generate sustainable free cash flow or attractive returns on investment. HRG’s shares of common stock trade on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) under the symbol “HRG.”
The Company’s reportable business segments are organized in a manner that reflects how HRG’s management views those business activities. Accordingly, the Company currently operates its business in four reporting segments: (i) Consumer Products, (ii) Insurance, (iii) Energy, and (iv) Asset Management. For the results of operations by segment, and other segment data, see Note 15, Segment Data.
Consumer Products Segment
The Consumer Products segment represents the Company’s 57.8% controlling interest in Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. (“Spectrum Brands”). Spectrum Brands is a diversified global branded consumer products company with positions in seven major product categories: consumer batteries, small appliances, global pet supplies, home and garden control products, personal care products, hardware and home improvement products and global auto care.
Insurance Segment
As of March 31, 2016, the Company’s insurance operations were conducted through Front Street Re (Delaware) Ltd., (“Front Street”) and its Bermuda and Cayman-based wholly-owned life and annuity reinsurers, Front Street Re Ltd. (“Front Street Bermuda”) and Front Street Re (Cayman) Ltd. (“Front Street Cayman”), respectively.
The Company also owns 80.4% of Fidelity & Guaranty Life, (“FGL”). Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company (“FGL Insurance”) and Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company of New York, FGL is a provider of various types of fixed annuities and life insurance products in the U.S.
As discussed further in Note 4, Divestitures, on November 8, 2015, Anbang Insurance Group Co., Ltd., a joint-stock insurance company established in the People’s Republic of China (“Anbang”), AB Infinity Holding, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Anbang (“AB Infinity”), and AB Merger Sub, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of AB Infinity (“Merger Sub”), entered into a definitive merger agreement (the “FGL Merger Agreement” and such merger, the “FGL Merger”) to acquire FGL for $26.80 per share. As a result of the FGL Merger Agreement, as of March 31, 2016, the Company’s ownership interest in FGL has been classified as held for sale in the accompanying Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets and FGL’s operations were classified as discontinued operations in the accompanying Condensed Consolidated Statements of Operations and the accompanying Condensed Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows and reported separately for all periods presented. Prior to the transaction, FGL was included in the Company’s Insurance segment. As a result of classifying FGL as held for sale, all segmented information has been adjusted to exclude FGL from the Insurance segment. See Note 4, Divestitures.
Energy Segment
The Energy segment represents the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, HGI Energy Holdings, LLC (“HGI Energy”) and HGI Energy’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Compass Production GP, LLC (“Compass GP”) and its respective subsidiaries (collectively, “Compass”). Compass is an owner and operator of conventional oil and natural gas properties in East Texas and North Louisiana. Given the inherent decline in the production potential of its existing asset base, Compass’ indebtedness and the continued declines in commodity prices, Compass may also pursue a variety of strategies to generate cash flows and reduce its leverage, including pursuing dispositions, acquisitions, other strategic transactions and the issuance of debt and equity securities.
On December 1, 2015, Compass completed the sale of its oil and gas interests located in the Holly, Waskom and Danville Fields in East Texas and North Louisiana (the “Compass Asset Sale”). At closing, proceeds from the transaction, which were approximately $147.5, less estimated expenses of $1.9, were used primarily to reduce borrowings under Compass’ existing credit facility (the “Compass Credit Agreement”). For the six months ended March 31, 2016, Compass received an additional $4.5 as a result of resolving certain title and consent matters in connection with the Compass Asset Sale.
During the six months ended March 31, 2016, Compass reduced its borrowing under the Compass Credit Agreement from $327.0 down to $160.0, a reduction of $167.0.


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