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SEC Filings

HRG GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-K/A on 01/13/2016
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from September 2005 to August 2007 and previously held executive positions at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and London Pacific Life & Annuity Company. Mr. Nicholson spent 10 years with Ernst & Young ending as a Senior Manager specializing in the energy and financial services industry. Mr. Nicholson is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a M.B.A. degree from the University of Kentucky and a B.B.A. degree from Eastern Kentucky University.
Section 16(a) Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Section 16(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (as amended, the “Exchange Act”) requires our directors, executive officers, and the persons who beneficially own more than 10% of the common stock, par value $0.01 per share, of the Company (the “Common Stock”) and securities convertible into shares of Common Stock (together with the Common Stock, “Subject Shares”), to file with the SEC initial reports of ownership and reports of changes in ownership of Subject Shares. Directors, officers and greater than 10% beneficial owners of the Subject Shares are required by the SEC’s regulations to furnish us with copies of all forms they file with the SEC pursuant to Section 16(a) of the Exchange Act. Based solely on the reports filed with the SEC, we believe that these persons have complied with all applicable filing requirements during Fiscal 2015, except that Mr. Maura reported one transaction on a Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership on Form 4 and Mr. Asali reported one transaction on an Annual Statement of Beneficial Ownership of Securities on Form 5 later than the time prescribed by the SEC. Additionally, Global Opportunities Breakaway MM, L.L.C, a beneficial owner of more than 10% of our Common Stock, filed an Initial Statement of Beneficial Ownership of Securities on Form 3 and reported three transactions on a Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership on Form 4 later than the time prescribed by the SEC.
Set forth below is a line-graph presentation comparing the cumulative stockholder return on our Common Stock against cumulative total returns of the following: (a) the Russell 2000 and (b) a peer group of companies consisting of Leucadia, Carlisle Companies Inc., Apollo Global Management, LLC and Standex International Corp. The performance graph shows the total return on an investment of $100 for the period beginning September 30, 2010 and ending September 30, 2015. The Company believes that the peer group of companies provides a reasonable basis for comparing total stockholder returns. The stockholder return shown on the graph below is not necessarily indicative of future performance, and we will not make or endorse any predictions as to future stockholder returns. The graph and related data were furnished by Research Data Group, Inc.
Among HRG Group, Inc., the Russell 2000 Index, and a Peer Group


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