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SEC Filings

SC 13G/A
BANKAMERICA CORP filed this Form SC 13G/A on 02/11/1994
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Board of Directors                                       June 23, 1992
Bank of America NT&SA

                          GENERAL OPERATING RESOLUTION

1.   Accounts, Service Agreements, Interests in Real or Personal Property and
     General Power to Contract.

     Except as otherwise specified below,

          any TWO of the officers of Bank of America National Trust and Savings
          Association ("the Bank") listed below under the designation Group I,

          any ONE of the officers listed below under the designation Group I in
          conjunction with any ONE officer listed below under the designation
          Group II,

     are authorized to make, execute, deliver, amend and terminate, in the name
     and on behalf of the Bank any and all contracts, instruments, documents,
     agreements and other writings, and to perform any and all acts in the name
     and on behalf of the Bank as are deemed by the officers to be appropriate
     in connection with any of the activities set forth below:

          (a)  Establishment of accounts

          to establish and maintain with any other financial institutions,
     checking, time deposit, and other bank accounts, upon such terms and
     conditions as such officers deem appropriate;

          (b)  Service agreements

          to enter into service agreements, with the parent, affiliates, direct
     or indirect subsidiaries of the Bank, any other banks, persons, firms,
     corporations or other entities, whereunder personnel, facilities or
     services will be made available by or to the Bank;

          (c)  Interests in real or personal property

          to purchase, accept, lease, sell, transfer, grant, license and
     encumber interests, whether as security or otherwise, which the Bank has or
     may by such means acquire in real or personal property, whether acquired in
     the name of the Bank as owner, as the holder of any security interest, or
     other capacity; and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing
     authorization, to take all actions and execute and deliver all documents,
     notices, designations, appointments, substitutions and instructions
     regarding such real or personal property, or relating thereto; provided,
     however, that for any purchase, lease or sale of real or personal property
     involving the expenditure


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