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SEC Filings

SC 13G/A
BANKAMERICA CORP filed this Form SC 13G/A on 02/11/1994
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will be made available by or to BAC;

(h)  Interests in real or personal property

     to purchase, accept, lease, sell, transfer, grant, license, release and
encumber interests, whether as security or otherwise, which BAC has or may by
such means acquire in real or personal property, whether standing in the name of
BAC as owner, as the holder of any security interest, or in any other capacity;
and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing authorization, to take all
actions and execute and deliver all documents, notices, designations,
appointments, substitutions and instructions regarding such real or personal
property, or relating thereto;

(i)  General power to contract

     in addition to the authority in subparagraphs (a) through (h) of this
paragraph 1, and whether or not of a kind generally covered therein, to enter
into contracts of any kind or character, conveyances or leases of real or
personal property, licensing agreements, contracts and agreements providing for
services to be rendered by, to or for BAC, and to execute and deliver
instruments, documents, agreements, contracts and other writings affecting in
any way any real or personal property and interests therein and contract rights
and obligations, now or hereafter owned by or standing in the name of BAC.

     2.  Any one BAC officer listed above under either the designation GROUP 1
or GROUP 2, or any member of the Legal Department of Bank of America NT&SA
holding the title of counsel or a title senior thereto be, and hereby is,
authorized to sign registrations, reports, certificates, applications and other
writings on behalf of BAC for submission to or filing with any federal, state,
local or foreign regulatory authorities, and any amendments, withdrawals, or
terminations thereof, as are deemed desirable by such officer or attorney in
connection with BAC's activities or affairs.

     3.  This resolution revokes and supersedes the General Operating and
Borrowing Resolution adopted by this Board on May 21, 1992.


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