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SEC Filings

SC 13G/A
BANKAMERICA CORP filed this Form SC 13G/A on 02/11/1994
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          funds transmission and not bearing interest, are not subject to the
          foregoing limitation, nor shall they be included in computing
          compliance therewith; and

   (iii)  Lines of credit or other commitments to lend obtained by BAC shall not
          be deemed borrowings except to the extent actually drawn upon or
          otherwise used;

If an express written determination is made by the person or persons thereunto
duly authorized by paragraph 11 of the Resolution re Senior and Subordinated
Debt adopted by this Board on November 1, 1993, or any resolution amending or
superseding such resolution (the "Senior and Subordinated Debt Resolution"),
that any proposed borrowings of BAC having at their inception a term of one
month or more but not more than nine months are to be carried out in accordance
with and subject to the requirements of the Senior and Subordinated Debt
Resolution (whether or not the indebtedness represented by any such borrowings
is of a kind generally covered by this subparagraph), BAC's aggregate liability
for the amount of all such borrowings shall not be counted against the foregoing
limitation.  In the absence of any such express written determination, BAC's
aggregate liability for the amount of all such borrowings shall be counted
against the foregoing limitation;

(c)  Commercial paper

     subject to the limitation in subparagraph (b) of this paragraph 1, to issue
and sell commercial paper in amounts deemed desirable by any Officer, in
compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of governmental agencies,
such commercial paper to be issued in the form of unsecured negotiable
promissory notes (or in the form of book entries containing all of the
information necessary for the completion and delivery of such notes), each note
or book entry to be in an amount of at least ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS
($l00,000), with maturities not to exceed nine months from the date of issue,
and at such rate or rates of interest, at such time or times, upon such other
terms and conditions as shall be determined, and under such agreement or
agreements or pursuant to such arrangements deemed desirable, by any Officer, in
view of BAC's financial requirements; and, without limiting the generality of
the foregoing authorization, (l) to enter into agreements or arrangements with
Bank of America NT&SA, BA Securities, Inc. or any other banks or entities
providing for the issuing, safekeeping, completion, countersignature, and
delivery of BAC's commercial paper, and (2) to enter into agreements or
arrangements for backup lines of credit for commercial paper; provided that


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