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SEC Filings

HRG GROUP, INC. filed this Form POS AM on 02/22/1994
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     Thomas H. Bowersox has served as Executive Vice President of Zapata since
October 1992.  He was Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive
Officer of Zapata Off-Shore Company, a wholly owned offshore drilling subsidiary
of Zapata, from July 1987 to October 1992.  He served as Senior Vice President,
General Counsel, Chief Administrative Officer and Assistant Secretary of Zapata
from October 1984 to July 1987, and in various positions with Zapata prior
thereto.  Mr. Bowersox also served as Chairman, President and Chief Executive
Officer of Zapex from December 1986 to July 1987.     
     Marvin J. Migura has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial
Officer of Zapata since November 1987.  He served as Vice President-Finance and
Accounting of Zapata from August 1986 to November 1987, and as Vice President
and Controller of Zapata from November 1981 to August 1986.     
     Bruce K. Williams has served as Chairman, President and Chief Executive
Officer of Zapex since January 1991.  He served as President of Zapex from July
1987 to January 1991, as Executive Vice President of Zapex from January 1986 to
July 1987 and as Vice President-Business Development and Administration of Zapex
from January 1983 to January 1986.     
     Robert W. Jackson has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of
Cimarron since its acquisition by Zapata in November 1992, and for at least the
five years prior thereto, he was the principal stockholder and chairman and
chief executive officer of Cimarron and its predecessors.    
     David W. Skarke has served as Vice President, Corporate Development of
Zapata since November 1991.  He served as Vice President-Finance of Zapata from
October 1990 to November 1991, as Vice President, Finance and Treasurer of
Zapata from November 1987 to October 1990, as Treasurer of Zapata from August
1987 to November 1987, and as Assistant Treasurer from June 1985 to August 

                                USE OF PROCEEDS    
     The Selling Stockholders will receive all of the net proceeds from the sale
of their Shares.  The Company will not receive any of the proceeds from the sale
of the Shares by the Selling Stockholders.     

     The Selling Stockholders directly, through agents designated from time to
time, or through dealers or underwriters also to be designated, may sell the
Shares from time to time, in or through privately negotiated transactions, in
one or more transactions, including block transactions, on the NYSE or on any
stock exchanges on which the Shares may be listed in the future pursuant to and
in accordance with the applicable rules of such exchanges or otherwise.  The
selling price of the Shares may be at market prices prevailing at the time of
sale, at prices relating to such prevailing market prices or at negotiated
prices.  To the extent required by applicable law, the specific Shares to be
sold, the names of the Selling Stockholders, the respective purchase prices and
public offering prices, the names of any such agent, dealer or underwriter, and
any applicable commissions or discounts with respect to a particular offer will
be set forth in an accompanying Prospectus Supplement.     
     The Selling Stockholders and any underwriters, dealers or agents that
participate in the distribution of the Shares may be deemed to be underwriters,
and any profit on the sale of the Shares by them and any discounts, commissions
or concessions received by any such underwriters, dealers or agents might be
deemed to be underwriting discounts and commissions under the Securities 


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