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SEC Filings

HRG GROUP, INC. filed this Form POS AM on 02/22/1994
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stock.  In November 1993, Zapata sold an additional 3.75 million shares of its
Tidewater common stock for a net price of $20.75 per share or $77.8 
     Tidewater, an international energy services company with headquarters in
New Orleans, has two principal lines of business:  offshore marine services and
compression services.  Tidewater's offshore marine services division principally
provides support services to the domestic and international offshore petroleum
industry.  Tidewater's compression services division principally provides the
domestic energy industry with a broad range of engineered products and technical
services used primarily in production, enhanced recovery and transmission of
natural gas and in natural gas processing.    
     At December 31, 1993, the Company and its subsidiaries employed
approximately 1,600 persons.  Approximately 120 employees of the Company are
represented by an affiliate of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and
approximately 50 employees of the Company are represented by an affiliate of the
United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe
Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada ("Plumbers & Steamfitters
Union").  The Company considers its employee relations to be generally
     In April 1993, the fishermen at the Company's marine protein operations in
Reedville, Virginia went on strike following a breakdown in negotiations for a
renewal of their collective bargaining agreement.  The Company continued to
operate with existing and new employees.  Approximately 85 of the 245 people
employed at the Reedville facility were on strike.  The Company has been
notified that the strike has been terminated.     
     In July 1993, the Plumbers & Steamfitters Union, seeking to represent plant
maintenance personnel, as well as operators, toolmakers and laborers, filed a
petition for a representation election at the Company's marine protein
operations in Moss Point, Mississippi, which was held on September 3, 1993.  The
Union was certified as the collective bargaining representative of the
production and maintenance employees at Moss Point.  The Company has commenced
negotiations with the Union.     
     The names, ages and current offices of the executive officers of the
Company, who are to serve until the next annual meeting of the Board of
Directors to be held in 1994, and serving as of February 18, 1994, are set forth
below.  Also indicated is the date when each such person commenced serving as an
executive officer of the Company.     

                                                                                               DATE BECAME
      NAME AND AGE                                   OFFICE                                 EXECUTIVE OFFICER
- -------------------------  ---------------------------------------------------------------  -----------------
<S>                        <C>                                                              <C>
Ronald C. Lassiter (61)..  Chairman of the Board of Directors  and Chief Executive Officer       October 1971
Thomas H. Bowersox (52)..  Executive Vice President                                                March 1981
Marvin J. Migura (43)....  Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer                    November 1987
Robert W. Jackson(50)....  President and Chief Executive Officer of Cimarron                    November 1992
Bruce K. Willams (45)....  Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Zapex                 July 1987
David W. Skarke (38).....  Vice President, Corporate Development                                November 1991


     A description of the business experience during the first five years for
each of the executive officers of Zapata is set forth below.     
     Ronald C. Lassiter, a director since 1974, has been Chairman of the Board
of Directors of Zapata since December 1985 and Chief Executive Officer of Zapata
since January 1983.  He was also President of Zapata from July 1978 until
December 1985, when the office was eliminated.  He has served in various
positions with Zapata since 1970, and he served as a director of Zapata Gulf
Marine Corporation from November 1984 to January 1992.  Mr. Lassiter also serves
as a director of Daniel Industries, Inc.  Prior to the closing date of the
acquisition of Energy Industries, Mr. Lassiter served as director of 


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